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Roulette Casino Odds Table Numbers Betting Strategies

Roulette for Fun: Know the Odd and Win

If you're planning a trip to the casino this summer you should read this article insider's guide to playing the roulette tables.

Here we explode a few roulette myths and explain how you can walk away a winner.

ROULETTE IS ALMOST certainly the planet's most romantic gambling game. Millions of people around the world dream of pulling off a big win on that little white ball.

But it's a game - roulette extreme where few players appreciate the true odds.

A fuller understanding of the odds involved in roulette will increase your chances of walking away from the table with a profit. Without further a do we present our guide to aSports betting.com roulette playing.

Roulette odds: the basic facts

There can be few other games free on which so many theories have been developed.

Go to any casino in the world, from London to Las Vegas, Moscow to Monte Carlo, and you'll find punters standing at the roulette tables putting some theory or another to the test.

The sad thing, however, is that almost everyone of these theories will be ill founded. Why? Simply because they will ignore the most basic facts about the odds.

To begin with, it's important to differentiate between what is fact and what is fiction. Three facts in particular are the most crucial of all:

  • The possible results of each play are mutually exclusive. For example, on each spin of the wheel the ball can land on either a red or a black number, but not both.

  • The result of each spin is completely independent from the previous one.

  • The probability of any result occurring is constant from each spin to the next. Each spin of the wheel sees a 36/1 chance of any one number coming up (assuming we are using a European wheel where there is only one zero. In America wheels have two zeros).
Forget About Cumulative Odds

Let's take a look at some of the myths that surround roulette, which arise from a misunderstanding of the aforementioned facts.

First, consider how the result of each spin is completely independent from the previous one. This is not a hard thing to appreciate.

It means that no predictions concerning the result of the next spin should be made on the basis of what happened on the previous one.

It sounds obvious, yet roulette punters have expanded enormous amounts of effort over the years tracking each and every spin of many different wheels in order to try and predict what will happen next.

Sadly, they are wasting their time. Even if the same number has previously come up, say, four times in a row, the chance of it coming up again on the next spin is still 36/ 1.

True, the cumulative odds of a number coming up five times in a row are astronomical - 1 /36 x 1 /36 x 1 /36 x 1 /36 x 1 / 36 = 6,466,176, to be precise - but the odds against it happening on each individual spin are still 36/ 1.

Any punter who tracks each spin of the wheel in an effort to predict what will happen next is labouring under a misapprehension. A straight roulette wheel has no memory!

Do individual numbers ever offer good value?

Another famous fallacy is that the odds on certain individual numbers are sometimes great value, because they are longer than the true odds of those numbers occurring.

Those who subscribe to this theory say that, although the roulette payout odds always remain the same, they are sometimes greater than the chances of a number coming up because of what has happened on previous spins.

The payout when anyone number comes up is 35/1 (note it is 35/1 and refer to the true 36/1, because that one point reduction is the casino's profit).

Some argue that if a certain number has already come up more than a couple of times any given series of spins it cannot come the next time.

Therefore, the roulette table is effectively one number short and so the odds against any other number must now be 35/1, which is the same as the payout on offer.

This is one reason why so many players spend so much time tracking the result of each spin.

Through eliminating one or more numbers players believe they are obtaining value bets.

They aren't, course, because no matter what'll happened on previous spins the odds, any number occurring on any given spin always 36/1.

More Money Betting on Single Number

Another myth about roulette is that there is more money to be made in betting the numbers than the colours.

This is a myth that probably correct about because of the greater odds on of: for landing on a winning number ratter than a winning colour. But it's a knowledge edge of the odds that proves this my wrong.

As we've just discussed, it's a 35 payout for hitting on the right number. With the colours, however, it is only 1 (even money). Obvious really, because there are only two colours - red and black.

However, zero is a non-coloured number, and neither odd nor even. What happens when it comes up?

Depending upon where you are in the world, one of two things. Either all bets, the colours (as with all even money bets are left en prison, or they are subject to le partage.

En prison means the whole bet remains on the table with its fate dictated by the next spin. If it is successful, however, it is returned with no winnings.

Le partage means the bet is shared - in other words, half the stake is lost straight away but the remaining half rides onto the next spin and is paid out at evens if it is then successful.

The upshot is that when you work out the various probabilities, the casino's edge is 1.35 per cent for even money shots and 2.7 per cent for individual numbers.

So, in the long run you'll have more chance of winning if you play even money shots rather than the 35/1 individual number bets.

Of-course, if your luck is in you might win money faster playing for single numbers, but over a period of time you'll end up losing more.

Don't Follow the Trends

A final myth we can dispel about roulette is that, again in the long run, any trends on a table will prove to be profitable.

This is also completely wrong. From time to time trends do appear on tables, but this is almost always down to luck and nothing else.

Over a period of time, trends will even themselves out. We'd like to show you the equation that proves this but it might put you off calculating betting figures for life, such is its complexity!

Suffice to say, it involves something called standard variation, which shows the likelihood of any trend developing.

Through this equation it can be demonstrated how trends definitely even themselves out fairly quickly.

Any punter who believes otherwise will soon end up giving back any early gains. The trick with trends is to get on them early, ride them for a while and then make a run for it, winnings intact.

Walk Away with a Profit

There are two things to remember if you want to walk away from the roulette table with a profit:

  • Know the odds and then use them to disprove the various roulette myths.
  • . If you have bet wisely and your luck has been in, don't push it. Walk away from the table and enjoy that profit
So there you have it. While putting all your money on one number might make you look flash, you'll win far more in the long run by sticking to the odd / even or red/black even money shots.

Why you should avoid playing single numbers

HERE'S THE EQUATION which shows that it is better to play the even money shots, such as odds / evens or red / black, rather than betting on an individual number.

Increase your advantage

Make no mistake, the advantage on both types of bet still lies with the casinos - did you expect any different?.

But remember, over a period of time you'll lose less playing the even money shots. That in itse1f is worth knowing because many casino punters don't realise this.

If you want to understand why, take a look at the following equation, which shows the expected mathematical payout from any bet:

E = (W X P) - (B X Q)

E = mathematically expected return
W = payout for a winning bet
P = probability of a win
B = value of the bet
Q = probability of a loss


To illustrate how this works, take the example of a £20 bet on, say, red. There is a 18/37 chance the bet will win and be paid out at 1/1.

There is a 18/37 chance the bet will lose, and there is a 1/37 chance the bet will be put en prison if the zero comes up and then a 50 per cent expectation of it being successful on the next spin.

So, for an even money bet your expected return will be (£20 x 18/37) + (-£20 x 18/37) + (-£20 x 1/37 x ] /2) = -£0.27; which means you'll get £19.73 back on average, over a period of time.

Using the same equation, if you were to put £20 on an individual number you'd get: (£20 x 1/37 x 35) + (-£20 x 36/37) = -£0.54, meaning your expected return, on average, would be £19.46.

Put another way, the casino's edge on any even money bet is 1.35 per cent, which increases to 2.7 per cent for all other possible bets on the roulette table.

Indisputable proof that it is better to play even money shots rather than individual numbers.

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