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Natinal Lottery Uk

Natinal Lottery Uk

The Natinal Lottery Uk which 60% of the UK population play on a regular basis and sales grew to £4.6 Billion last year. Its could be you...the next online Natinal Lottery Uk winner.

Profit, profit and more profit with Natinal Lottery Uk

The company running the Natinal Lottery Uk, Camelot, hoped the Natinal Lottery Uk would make over £8 Billion pounds ($13.6 Billion dollars) for worthy causes in the first few years of its caretaker ship. You must be over 16 years of age to take part in Natinal Lottery Uk, and winners now have the right to remain anonymous - or not, as the UK's first multi-millionaire sadly discovered.

Buy Natinal Lottery Uk Tickets
Be aware however, that no matter what the press say about you, no matter how people hound you in those first few days, big money like that will shortly help you obliterate most of life's little troubles. Suffer the teething troubles gladly as someone else will be in the limelight the following week!

The Natinal Lottery Uk Prize Money System

If three of your numbers are drawn, you will receive £10. For four, five or six correct numbers, the prize you win depends on the number of tickets sold, and the number of people sharing the same numbers.

You must have the same as the first 6 numbers drawn in any order, to guarantee a share in the Jackpot. A bonus number is drawn to give you additional chances to win a major prize, not including the jackpot. With five out of Six numbers plus the bonus number, you could win £100,000.

Weighing Up The Odds - Natinal Lottery Uk

The odds against winning the Jackpot in the UK lottery by matching all 6 winning numbers are 13,983,816 to one. Your chances do look remote, but in fact YOU have a much HIGHER chances of WINNING a Prize on the Natinal Lottery Uk than winning anything significant on the Premium Bonds.

Play Natinal Lottery Uk

The chances of Mr. Government making you an instant millionaire are close to 3.37 Billion to one! In comparison, scooping a prools jackport is far easier at 30 Million to one.

The chances of getting five out of six numbers right are one in 55,492. One in 1,031 people will choose four out of six winning numbers, and one in 57 will correctly choose three out of six winning numbers.

Just Another Natinal Lottery Uk Game?

Any Natinal Lottery Uk system relies on a certain amount of "luck", and most programs attempt to shift the odds by unlocking the biases that are built into the Natinal Lottery Uk selection system.

They look for things called "hot" numbers or "hot" combinations, or place massive emphasis on "Overdue" numbers. Some even question the weight of the balls, and the speed of the stirrers.


To make these "bias" indicating systems work, you would need to play every day for a 1000 years before you could expect a profit. In fact, instead of paying £10 for one of these Natinal Lottery Uk systems, you would increase your odds more by simply investing in 10 more randomly picked tickets!

So.. How DO you increase your odds of Natinal Lottery Uk winning ?

You must decide how you want to approach the problem. Differing lines of thought occur between those who rely on "Probability" physics, and those who believe in the "Quantum" or "Chaos" theories. Both can prove their individual arguments, but generally the evidence to support their claims is so small as to make little or no real difference when you are playing for just 6 numbers a week.

Even when Albert Einstein studied gambling, he concluded that there is no such thing as luck, probability is the deciding factor. Others will tell you differently, including a couple who purchased their Natinal Lottery Uk ticket in New York just after a black Cat ran in front of their car. The cat survived, and the couple ended up the equivalent of $950,000 (£558,824 pounds) richers!

In reality your chances for winning a Natinal Lottery Uk jackpot are extremely low... in fact, you have a better chance of being struck by lightning. BUT, you CAN increase your chances of being hit by lightning by standing in a thunderstorm with a metal rod.

Remember that your chances of winning donít change substantially from week to week, whether the jackpot is £10 million or £25 million. A single ticket has the same chance of Natinal Lottery Uk winning either prize (BUT the chances of having to "share" the jackpot do increase). It may be useful to think of your chances in terms of possible £££ís or $$$'s won versus £ís or $'s invested.

YOU MUST Have a Ticket to Have a Chance Of Natinal Lottery Uk

The best way to approach the problem is to forget the jackpot. Consider it only as a possible bonus on the deal. Instead, aim to hit second and third place Natinal Lottery Uk pay-outs, but aim to hit them often !!.


To understand number systems, compare the concept with a hunter who is about to hunt a pigeon for his dinner. As the hunter approaches, the entire flock of birds will fly up. What will he do? Obviously, he will not use a rifle capable of shooting only one bullet.

More likely, he will use a shot-gun capable of discharging up to fifty pellets at a single shot. Simply by firing into the middle of the flock, his odds against hitting ONE of the birds is high. Yes! I know, pigeon are not Natinal Lottery Uk. He may be able to hit as many as six with his a single shot.

Playing the Natinal Lottery Uk is very similar. If you want to play successfully, you must use number systems to improve the odds of winning. If you think about playing 6 numbers on one ticket, you should understand that it would take an absolute miracle to guess the winning numbers correctly. Instead, rely on this single one fact.... The more numbers you use in a system, the better your odds of Natinal Lottery Uk winning !

So.. why not decide to play 10 random tickets instead of one, that will certainly increase your chances of Natinal Lottery Uk wining something... True, BUT for the same £ís investment, you can increase your odds over and above the additional odds of the extra 9 tickets.

The system to use is called "Taking Part". Yes! you heard correctly - taking parts. You need to buy a ticket to have a chance. Period! Instead of trying to pick the Natinal Lottery Uk winning numbers, "taking part" simply increases your odds of picking a "winning" number!.

In theory if you used a wheel of 49 numbers, you would be guaranteed to win (or share) the jackpot, every week - the problem with that is the Billions of £ís (or $'s or euro's) you would loose entering all the possible combinations of 49 numbers.

Now we have discussed the system to use, lets decide what we should be aiming for. We have already discovered that playing for a Natinal Lottery Uk jackpot is not the way to go. You should instead play to match 5, 4, or even the £10 pay-out for 3 matching numbers.

A quick note here. The rest of this discussion relies on changing your perspective on the problem. If you are insistent on winning the Natinal Lottery Uk jackpot this week then you may as well give up on this page document and instead, visit a Natinal Lottery Uk psychic!

Lets re-examine the problem, and try to shift the emphasis from picking the "winners" to NOT picking the "losers".

Daily Play

Next Wednesday or Saturday, the lottery machine will pick 6 numbers (the bonus ball does not concern us here). We will also have picked 6 numbers. To win we need all 6 of our numbers to be the same as the machine. Redefine the problem this way: 'To win, we must pick NO "loosing" numbers.`

If our goal was 2nd place (matching 5 numbers), we could redefine the problem as: 'To win, we must pick no more than 1 "loosing" number.`

Read the above 2 paragraphs again until you understand the key difference in the way everyone else looks at the Natinal Lottery Uk, and the way YOU must NOW look at it!

So our re-examined problem statement is: DECREASE the odds of picking a LOOSING number, and we INCREASE the odds of WINNING.

Your chances for matching all numbers in a major Natinal Lottery Uk game are very, very low. Itís because the chances are low that makes the pay-off so high! . Avoiding the losers is the ONLY way to win.

Now that you know the basics, all you need to do is "take part" and pick one that matches your investment and goals.

Natinal Lottery Uk

Now, Click here to get your Natinal Lottery Uk WINNING tickets. Good Luck!

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